Exploring the Use of Quarterly Monitoring Reports in the STOP HIV/AIDS Initiative. A Mixed Method Study

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Author: Adam, Ahmed
This study aimed to explore the use of quarterly monitoring reports by STOP HIV/AIDS representatives from all Health Authorities in British Columbia. The STOP HIV/AIDS project is a provincial initiative that aims to reduce the burden of HIV/AIDS in British Columbia. The study deployed in-depth interviews with twelve key informants and a ten survey questionnaire to deepen our understanding of the usefulness and the role the quarterly monitoring reports play in informing program planning. The findings found reports to be useful to end-users and provide many benefits including evaluating progress, informing decision-making and a tool to compare work across Health Authorities. Findings also suggest changing the format of the reports, adding more indicators and providing a high level summary page of the report. Overall, informants found the report to be useful for monitoring progress, a tool to compare across Health Authorities and a rich source of data to refer to.
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