Jamie Lee Hamilton Testimony

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Missing Women's Commission of Inquiry
Downtown Eastside of Vancouver
Robert Pickton
Wally Oppal
Containment zone
Vancouver Police
Department of First Nations Studies
Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women
Missing Women's Inquiry
Robyn Gervais
Aboriginal Friendship Society
Downtown Eastside Residents Association

Jamie Lee Hamilton once served on the Parks Board of Vancouver is an ex survival sex worker and passionate outspoken advocate for many causes including survival sex workers and the homeless in Vancouver. Jamie Lee speaks about testifying at the Missing Women’s Commission of Inquiry in Vancouver 2012 and why that was important to her. She also reveals what it was like working as a survival sex worker in Vancouver, how over 20 years attitudes and policies evolved directly related to the Vancouver Police and the City of Vancouver, ultimately forcing sex workers into ‘containment areas’. There is also candid testimony from Jamie Lee remembering back to the late 1990’s in Vancouver knowing there was a serial murderer on the loose, and how vulnerable she and other survival sex workers felt. She discusses the feeling that the Vancouver police were not doing enough to ensure survival sex workers safety. The killer would later be determined to be Robert Pickton who was charged with second degree murder of killing six survival sex workers. 


Disclaimer: All testimonies are the experiences and beliefs of the individuals interviewed. 

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