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Each night, somewhere in this vast cosmos, Beta Pink’s Space Bar snaps into existence, formed by the telepathic world-making of an assemblage. The bar lasts only as long as the assemblage speaks it into being, closing each night as puzzlingly as it opened. For two nights in 2016, Pink’s Bar materialized in the dismal school halls of a university you’ve probably heard of. There, a spongy yet seductive encounter between humans, things, and others oscillated, pillows told melancholy stories of loves lost, and fans orchestrated an endless hair toss. XXXX TOPOGRAPHY (pronounced “sexy sexy sexy sexy topography”) is a work of Imaginary Theatre by The Party (interdisciplinary artists Kyla Gardiner and Layla Marcelle Mrozowski) that flirts with the radical otherness prowling somewhere between you and not you. The Party’s distinctive genre, Imaginary Theatre, inhabits a landscape slightly left of science fiction and parallel to magical realism, its surface a fanciful stratum of the possible and the improbable.
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