Small Number and the Basketball Tournament - Blackfoot

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Poksskaaksini Itsinssiwa Ki’tsa’komootsiisini
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Small Number is a young boy who gets into a lot of mischief. Twice a week, after school, he goes with his friends to the Aboriginal Friendship Centre. There the boys first have a snack and then they do mathematics for half an hour. Sometimes they do algebra in their workbooks, but usually they play mathematical games. They also love playing basketball in the Centre’s gym and wish to enter a tournament. Small Number demonstrates how a basic understanding of combinatorics can help in all aspects of life, even basketball!
Video - Blackfoot Version Small Number and the Basketball Tournament
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Blackfoot Translation: Poksskaaksini Itsinssiwa Ki’tsa’komootsiisini Blackfoot Translation by Connie Crop Eared Wolf and Eldon Yellowhorn
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