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How to read SFU's retention schedules (audio episode 02, interactive document)

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Author: Rowe, Joy
The purpose of this podcast is to answer frequently asked questions from records creators around the university about records management. This is episode two: how to read an RRSDA (or "retention schedule").In this episode we will coverwhat is an RRSDAthe alternative names for the RRSDA, and how it's useful to youWe will also look at each section of the RRSDA and talk about the informationthat's presented in each section. Archival sound reference: Simon Fraser University Archives. Dennis Roberts fonds, F-160-2-0-0-0-21. Convocation and student publicity blurb. 24 May 1969.
Episode 02: How to read a retention schedule: The Long version (12.5 min.) (audio file)
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Records management is all about how long to keep records, who keeps them, and what happens to them at the end of their "life". All of this information can be found in the university's retention schedules (aka "RRSDAs"). Retention schedules have several parts, and it might take some practice to learn how to read and apply them. This training resource includes several related files: two audio file, including a long version (12.5 minutes) and a shorter version (7.5 minutes), a written transcript of each audio, and a link to an interactive document stored on ThingLink. The purpose is to give staff multiple ways to interact with the key records management question, "How do I read a retention schedule?". Music rights are different from recording rights, but the music being performed by the pipe band during convocation is in the public domain.
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"Episode 02: How to read a retention schedule" by Simon Fraser University Archives and Records Management Department (2015). Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).
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