Quiet Content: Digital Publishing Through the Lens of a Startup

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This report examines Quietly, a technology startup company that provides tools for digital publishers. The report discusses what Quietly is, what advantages it provides, and why it started, while touching on the landscape of digital publishing. Exploring this landscape, the report examines how digital publishing has changed and will continue to based on content creation and consumption changing. How digital publishing began and how new technology continues to shape the diverse landscape of publishing, especially through the prevalence of different formats like list-based content or listicles will also be examined. Culminating in two case studies showcasing Quietly’s tools and the challenges they’ve allowed two publishers to overcome, digital publishing will be discussed with focus on opportunities. Lastly, the report considers how publishing can take cues from technological advancement and early adoption to help transform the industry in a proactive way. All figures and statistics are accurate as of January 2015.
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