Very High Throughput (VHT) Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) Communication in 802.11ac

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Very High Throughput Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (VHT MU-MIMO) is an 802.11ac communication mode that allows an Access Point (AP) to simultaneously transmit multiple data streams as Aggregated Multi-Protocol Data Units (A-MPDUs) to a group of multiple stations (STAs) over the same channel. This mode combines communication technologies that enable the 802.11ac protocol to use spectrum more efficiently compared to the previous standards. However, VHT MU-MIMO wastes an unused part of the Physical Protocol Data Unit (PPDU) interval when short and long data streams are grouped together. In this thesis, we propose a solution that improves VHT MUMIMO communications by reducing wasted portion of the PPDU duration of short data streams by concatenating longer data streams in consecutive groups. Simulations of the VHT MUMIMO communication process with and without the proposed approach indicate smaller wasted part and shorter transmission time of randomly generated STAs data streams.
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