Occupational Driver Impairment: Knowledge, Perceptions and Attitudes Amongst Employers in British Columbia

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Occupational driver impairment is a public safety concern, posing a threat to drivers, workers, employers, infrastructure and governments alike. In British Columbia, the prevalence of occupational motor vehicle incidents or fatalities as a result of impairment is unclear due to data collection inconsistencies, privacy concerns and complexities among various legal entities. Data drawn from other jurisdictions however, demonstrates that occupational driver impairment is a serious problem for society. This study examines the issue of driver impairment in the workplace by investigating employers’ knowledge and attitudes about the issue. Employers hold a crucial role in fostering workplace health and safety. Methods employed in this study include an online cross-sectional survey and semi-structured interviews with employers. Results indicate driver impairment is a problem in BC workplaces and employers often lack the adequate tools to tackle the problem. A number of themes are then discussed to inform policy measures and to analyze four policy options. The findings from this study recommend a portfolio of policy recommendations to address work-related driver impairment in British Columbia.
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