Exploring Academic and REB Members' Attitudes Toward Post-trial Access

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There is currently no international consensus around post-trial obligations toward research participants, community members, and host countries. This literature review and interview-based study investigate arguments and attitudes toward post-trial access. The literature review found that academic discussions focused on the rights of research participants, but offered few practical recommendations. Similarly, there are few regulations or legislation pertaining to post-trial access. Interviews with REB members indicated that respondents understood post-trial access to the intervention as being the role of the state, and many of the views on benefits were shaped by the fact that respondents were based in Canada. Since REB members are uniquely influential as gatekeepers of clinical trials and research, more information on their views and attitudes is particularly important. If regulatory changes are necessary, we need to understand the current arguments, legislation, and REB members’ attitudes towards post-trial access and participants, community members, and adolescents.
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