The Evaluation of Selected Parameters that Affect Motion Artifacts in Stereoscopic Video

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This work investigates the role of various parameters on the visibility or strength of motion artifacts in stereoscopic video. The parameters examined in an experimental study were disparity, presentation protocol (double flash or triple flash), seating position of a viewer in the theatre and speed of a moving object in the scene. The results of the study suggested that disparity and presentation protocol had no significant effect on the visibility or strength of the motion artifacts. Speed of a moving object had a significant effect on both the visibility and strength of the motion artifacts. Although position does not itself have a significant effect, there was an interaction between speed and seating position that had a significant effect. The speed threshold for visibility of motion artifacts was significantly higher for viewers sitting closest to the screen, which is surprising. It is concluded that the effects of viewer seating position on the perception of movement artifacts requires further investigation.
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