An Examination of Government Street as a Green Street

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This project examines the potential for Government Street to be transformed from a transportation focused major road to a multi-functional green street. Potential interventions are assessed through a green street lens with a focus on enhancement of Government Street’s environmental performance, walkability, identity and livability. A review of literature focused on green street concepts, an examination of physical conditions on Government Street, an analysis of relevant policy, and an exploration of case studies in Seattle and Portland are used to develop a design concept for Government Street. Findings indicate the study area is lacking in features that are associated with green streets, but significant potential exists for transformation based on physical conditions. The study suggests that meaningful green street interventions require a reduction of vehicle carrying capacity, to enable a significant increase in space for landscape elements, cycling facilities and pedestrian realm improvements. The proposed design seeks to redefine Government Street as a multi-modal corridor with a vital public realm and green identity supported by urban forest, landscape and stormwater management elements.
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