An Update on Rogatus : Supporting the Survey Workflow with Open Standards and Tools

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Author: Barkow, Ingo
Rogatus is an open source questionnaire and metadata solution basing on the DDI 3.2 and SDMX standard and using the Generic Longitudinal Business Process Model (GLBPM) to specify its tool chain. Currently the project is supported by DIPF, TBA21, OPIT, IAB and GESIS and creates more and more interest especially with NSIs and data collection agencies. This presentation gives an update on new developments since NADDI 2013 including the data management portal, coding support for ISCED, improvements on the case management system, compatibility to other platforms like Colectica or MMIC plus an outlook on the mobile sampling client. Furthermore the development plan for the release version in Q1/2015 will be introduced.
Ingo Barkow ( DIPF), David Schiller (IAB)
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