The Lower Mainland Food System: The Role of Fruit and Vegetable Processing

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In this paper I explore the transformation of the fruit and vegetable processing industry in BC’s Lower Mainland region from the late 1980s to 2011. I look at how the industry has adapted to the globalization of the fruit and vegetable processing sector and how it has evolved since the introduction of free trade agreements in 1989 and 1994. This research is based on the analysis of media reports, statistical data, survey results, and a series of interviews. The fruit and vegetable processing industry works within a globalized, competitive food system, while remaining an important component of the local food system. The paper contributes to the growing body of literature on Alternative Food Networks and Short Food Supply Chains in an often understudied link in that chain. This case study highlights the need for a strong and diversified local food economy in an era of climate change and uncertainty in the global food supply chain.
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