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Session 06: States and Markets

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Barriers to content, the desire to share information, a lack of economic means, a belief in free culture, and a critical awareness of the social costs incurred by profit-driven cultural development all have compelled artists and their institutions to interrogate existing economic and business activities to invent creative and impromptu means of presenting and sharing contemporary art and discourse outside conventional for-fee channels. Cognizant of market opportunities and pitfalls, artist-run initiatives have generated vehicles for circumnavigating the heavily regulated “culture industries” while simultaneously appropriating the language and methods of commercial entrepreneurship. This section of the convention examines the organizational modes and methods employed—from out-sourced labour practices to underground publishing and creative commons and copyleft activity—to inform strategies, logistical and financial, that make institutions by artists.
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Session 06: States and Markets. With: Jeff Derksen, Sean Dockray, Andrea Francke, Gabriel Menotti, Dirk Fleischmann. Jeff Derksen (Canada)
Derksen is a Vancouver and Vienna-based poet and founding member of the Kootenay School of Writing and Artspeak Gallery. With Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber, he is a member of the research collective Urban Subjects whose recent edited book works include Autogestion, or Henri Lefebvre in New Belgrade, Momentarily: Learning from Mega-events (with Bik Van der Pol and Alissa Firth-Eagland) and writing on self-managed urbanism in Caracas (published in Waking Up from the Nightmare of Participation co-edited by Markus Miessen and Valerie Kolowratnik ). In 2012, Derksen will take the position of editor at West Coast Line magazine and Line Books. He is currently an Associate Professor in the English Department at Simon Fraser University. Sean Dockray (USA) 
Dockray is an artist and a founding director of Telic Arts Exchange, a non-profit arts organization providing critical engagement with new media and culture. Dockray initiated The Public School and AAAARG.ORG, platforms for the free exchange of intellectual property and self-directed pedagogy.Dockray’s writing has been published in Cabinet, Bidoun, X-TRA, Volume, and Fillip. Andrea Francke (United Kingdom)
. The Piracy Project is an international publishing and exhibition vehicle exploring the philosophical, legal, and practical implications of cultural piracy and creative modes of reproduction. With a series of talks from guest speakers, workshops, and an open call for pirated book works the project aims to develop a critical and creative platform for issues raised by acts of cultural piracy. The Piracy Project is run by Andrea Francke and Eva Weinmayr as part of AND publishing’s program. Francke was awarded the Red Mansion Prize in 2011 and is currently developing "Invisible spaces of parenthood – A collection of pragmatic propositions for a better future" for a forthcoming show at The Showroom in London. Gabriel Menotti (Brazil)
 . Menotti is an independent critic and curator engaged in different forms of cinema and grassroots practices, with a PhD in Media & Communications from the University of London. His exhibition projects and installations are an inherent part of his research activity and have been presented in numerous venues throughout the world. Cine Falcatrua (Portuguese for “Cine Hoax”) is a project that aims to rethink the culture industry along the borderline between cinema’s hyper-authorized environment and the fluid operations of new media. Among other projects, Cine Falcatrua is responsible for the Low Resolution Festival, the world’s first competitive festival for internet videos in real movie theatres; the Short[CUT]’s Festival, whose programme was entirely defined by the projectionists, on the fly; and the Really Free Movie Exhibitions, composed only of free works licensed in copyleft, Creative Commons, or GFDL. Dirk Fleischmann (Germany)
. Fleischmann is an artist based in Frankfurt and Seoul, where he is currently teaching at Cheongju University. His work has been presented in international exhibitions and institutions. Fleischmann has received numerous distinctions and honours, including awards from the Hessische Kulturstiftung and the Stiftung Kunstfonds grant. In 2009, Fleischmann received the Arts & Ecology Residency at ZKM Island in Second Life; a special project by Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe (ZKM) and the Royal Society Of The Arts, London (RSA). As a visual artist, he has been creating a business conglomerate since 1997 in which his art inhabits economic forms and becomes embedded into given capitalist structures. His art projects intend to and do create financial profit, which he has continuously re-invested into future projects.
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