Community land use planning on First Nations reserves and the influence of land tenure: A case study with the Penticton Indian Band

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Understanding the land tenure and management systems that exist on First Nations reserves in Canada is foundational to supporting effective and sustainable local land use and planning in these communities. Proposed federal legislation has reignited debate over the individual land holdings system (Certificates of Possession) existing on many reserves, but there is a lack of research concerning the history, impacts, and practical implications of this land tenure system, particularly empirical research and perspectives of First Nations themselves. This research project provides an empirical exploration of the Indian Act land tenure system from perspectives of local land management and planning, based on a case study of the history and experiences of the Penticton Indian Band. Findings illustrate the complexity of this land tenure and management system in action and highlight the numerous and influential ways that the individual land holding system impacts reserve land use, management, and planning.
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