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Trans-forming health care in B.C.: alleviating barriers for the gender diverse

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Available services and policies in B.C. fail to meet the needs of the gender diverse populations. A range of systemic and cultural barriers inhibits access to quality, gender-affirming health care. Twelve semi-structured interviews with trans-competent health professionals were used to identify barriers to accessing and providing gender-affirming health care; participants also identified a variety of potential policy options to address existing barriers. While broad cultural and systemic shifts were found to be central to improving the overall health and well-being of gender diverse clients, this study focuses on feasible, cost effective approaches that directly improve access to quality, gender-affirming care. The recommended policy suite is a trans-focused website connecting both providers and patients, developed in conjunction with a mentorship program enabling discourse and support among practitioners providing care for the gender diverse. This study focuses on the B.C. care environment, but the findings have implications for other marginalized groups in jurisdictions struggling with financial constraints.
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