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Monitoring [A Doll’s House] is a performance-installation that sits somewhere between theatre and visual art. The project consists of three scheduled theatrical performances (based on Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House) and an installation with performances transmitted through Skype. It testifies to a continued interest in notions of distance and privacy as well as everyday surveillance. As defined in the context of my research on presence in theater performances, it investigated the interrelation between presence and absence, by exploring the distances that exist between various elements of the performance: the distances between the actors and their characters, the actors and the audience and the 'time of the play' and the 'time of the performance'. Using Gilbert Simmondon’s idea of individuation and milieu, the project explored liminality in the presence of the performance. Featuring seven actors who were performing four main characters from Ibsen’s play, the project examines the construction of character through the audience’s perception and actors’ embodiment.
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