Laura Track 'Women's Legal Education & Action Fund (LEAF)'

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Ending Violence Association
Wally Oppal
Missing Women’s Inquiry
Survival sex workers
Low income women
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Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

West Coast Leaf, is an organization in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, that legally supports discriminated and marginalized women. They were originally granted standing to participate in the Missing Women’s Inquiry by Commissioner Wally Oppal, and decided to present their case with B.C. Ending Violence Association. West Coast Leaf’s Legal Director, Laura Track speaks about the experience of intending to participate in the inquiry, along with 12 other organizations, and being denied legal representation by the Provincial Government.  She adds how vital it would have been to the inquiry, providing details of discrimination that occurred by legal authorities, to the friends and families of the missing women. Track adds that the lack of funding by the provincial government speaks of the overall lack of commitment, in protecting and supporting discriminated and marginalized women in B.C.  


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Laura Track - LEAF and the Missing Womens Inquiry
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SFU Library Summit: Track, Laura. Interviewer, Johnson, Karen. Interview type, video recording. SFU Department of First Nations Studies. 2012. Research Assistants, Harrision, Don; Weasel Bear, Robyn. Department of First Nations Studies. ross, Dr. annie, Associate Professor. Funding provided by: SFU Teaching and Learning Development Grants