Bonnie Fournier 'Missing Women's Commission of Inquiry' Testimony 2 Part III

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Downtown Eastside of Vancouver
DEYAS (Downtown Eastside Youth Activities Services)
Missing Women’s Commission of Inquiry
Department of First Nations Studies
Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Registered Psychiatric nurse Bonnie Fournier talks about what it was like working as a nurse in the courthouse holding cells and then later on, operating the DEYAS (Downtown eastside youth Activities) Van with assistant Manny Cu, for 13 years and how she became like a mother to all the survival sex workers. She would dispense medical care, clean needles, condoms or counseling to anyone who needed it. She was like a second mother to many of the people who knew her. She speaks openly about losing many of the women she cared for to serial murderer Robert Pickton.


Disclaimer: All testimonies are the experiences and beliefs of the individuals interviewed. 

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SFU Library Summit: Fournier, Bonnie. Interviewer, Harrison, Don. Interview type, video recording. SFU Department of First Nations Studies. 2012. Research Assistants, Harrision, Don; Weasel Bear, Robyn. Department of First Nations Studies. ross, Dr. annie, Associate Professor. Funding provided by: SFU Teaching and Learning Development Grants