The Optimizability-Fidelty Trade-Off in Image Analysis

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Image analysis problems (e.g. segmentation and registration) are typically formulated in an optimization framework (energy-minimization). In this work, I present two important recurring questions: What to optimize and how to optimize and expose the resulting tradeoffs between the fidelity (of the domain and range) of the objective function and its optimizability.
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The topic of this presentation was presented at: - Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis, Ystad, Sweden (May 25, 2011). - Banff International Research Station workshop on Geometry for Anatomy, Canada (Sep 1, 2011). - University of British Columbia (UBC), Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering (Oct 25, 2011). - The Workshop on Computational Aspects in Medical Imaging, MITACS International Focus Period on Mathematics of Medical Imaging, UBC, Canada (Oct 3, 2011)
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The Optimizability-Fidelty Trade-Off in Image Analysis
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