Institutions by Artists Festival and Swarm Brochure

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Throughout the Institutions by Artists week, artist-run centres will present special projects that link to the themes of the Convention. From internet art pioneers, to grassroots cinema collectives, to media pirates and institutional revisionists, this series of presentations will invite and engage the public to meet visiting artists, and to examine the many phenomena impacting and defining artist-run institutions globally.SwarmInitiated by PAARC in 1999, Swarm is a multi-night art event that marks the launch of Vancouver’s artist-run centre programming season by bringing together events from the city’s ephemeral and artist-run initiatives, including: small DIY spaces, studios turned galleries, roaming public projects, artists collectives and established centres.
A brochure/pamphlet for the Institutions by Artists week and for artist-run centre events throughout September and October 2012. Also contains a map and listing of artist-run centres in Vancouver, Victoria and Kelowna.
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