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Resources for Community-Based Cultural Heritage Research

Through our work, the IPinCH Project seeks to explore the rights, values, and responsibilities of material culture, cultural knowledge, and the practice of heritage research. To further this goal, the IPinCH team has created a variety of resources for use by researchers, community members, and many other stakeholders as they grapple with emerging issues in cultural heritage ranging from cultural commodification, to responsible tourism, to safeguarding Indigenous ancestral burial grounds. Included in this collection are numerous videos, fact sheets, and other resources to address these challenges and others in collaborative and community focused research.
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Author: Dru McGill, Author: Davina Two Bears, Author: Julie Woods, Author: Research Ethics and Intellectual Property Working Group
Author: Alexa Walker, Author: George Nicholas, Author: Daryl Pullman, Author: Alan Goodman, Author: Bioarchaeology and Genetics Working Group
Author: Marina La Salle, Author: Commodifications of Cultural Heritage Working Group
Author: John Welch, Author: Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage
Author: Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage, Author: Jane Anderson, Author: Kelly Bannister, Author: Emma Feltes, Author: Ellen Frankenstein, Author: Kate Hennessy, Author: Julie Hollowell, Author: Jock Langford, Author: Silke von Lewinski, Author: Douglas Trainor