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Rethinking the Region

Rethinking the Region is annual day-long event organized by the SFU Urban Studies Program since 2013. It provides an opportunity for urban-focused academics, urban professionals, elected officials and citizens to learn about and reflect on issues affecting Metro Vancouver.
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Author: Smith, Paddy, Author: Steves, Harold, Author: MacPhail, Joy, Author: Hankin, Richard
Author: SFU Urban Studies
Author: Cameron, Ken, Author: Cross, Meghan, Author: Simon, Jacint, Author: Friesen, Mark, Author: Petersen, Steven, Author: Magtoto, Jordan, Author: Sidhu, Terry
Author: Holden, Meg, Author: Cameron, Ken, Author: Farahbakhsh, Amy, Author: Hunter, Chelsea, Author: Simon, Jacint, Author: Magtoto, Jordan, Author: Friesen, Mark, Author: Cross, Meghan, Author: Petersen, Steven, Author: Sidhu, Terry