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Author page for Donald Taylor

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Simon Fraser University Library
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How Usage Based Pricing Can Level the Playing Field. Proceedings 26th Annual Charleston Conference. 2007.


"Up North--Comparison and Contrast of U.S. and Canadian Academic Libraries" in Gwen Meyer Gregory (Ed) The Successful Academic Librarian: Winning Strategies from Library Leaders. Medford, N.J.: Information Today, 2005: 141-154.


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(March 2012). "Patron Driven IR Development." Poster presentation from SPARC Open Access Meeting, Kansas City, MO.


(October 2010). “Open Access Journal Support In Canada – Selected Survey Results.” Presented at Berlin8 Open Access Conference, Beijing, China.


(July 2009). “Open Access Supports for Researchers at Canadian Universities: Preliminary Results.” Co-presented with Devon Greyson (UBC) at the Public Knowledge Project Conference, Vancouver, BC.


(June 2009). “Open-Source ERM: A Collaborative Implementation.” Co-presented with Frances Dodd (SFU) and James Murphy (UPEI) at the NASIG Conference, Asheville, NC, USA.


(April 2009). “Open Access in Canada – Overview and Update.” 4 person presentation. Presented at British Columbia Library Association Conference, Burnaby, BC.


(April 2008). “More than CUFTS: Understanding and Managing E-serials.” 4 person panel discussion. Presented at British Columbia Library Association Conference.  Richmond, BC.


(February 2008). “Usage Statistics in Collections Analysis.” Presented at the Collection Analysis Symposium. Edmonton, AB.


(January 2007). “Collecting E-resources Use Data: Outsource or In-house?” Co-presented with Christine Wiatrowski (UNLV) at the ALA-Midwinter Conference. Seattle, WA  USA.


(November 2006). “Views on Use Statistics and Value.” Panel presentation at the 2006 Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC  USA.


(November 2004). MARC Records for E-journals. Panel presentation at the 2004 Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC  USA.