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The Ni salen complex 1 (N,N’– bis(2,3,4–tri–methoxysalicylidene)–1,2–cyclohexane–(1R,2R)–diamine Nickel(II)) was prepared containing ortho-, meta-, and para-methoxy substituted phenolate moieties.…
Author: Plut, Cale, Author: Pasquier, Philippe, Author: Ens, Jeff, Author: Tchemeube, Renaud
While there is a breadth of research in mapping Western musical features to perceived emotion within research in music and emotion, a critique of the field is that this breadth of methodologies lacks…
Author: Stott, Leea
Quantum information technologies will be able to perform certain tasks that are intractable on classical computers, including chemically accurate simulations of heavy elements and large…