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Multispectral Color Constancy: Real Image Tests Computing Science, School of
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Skin Colour Imaging that is Insensitive to Lighting Conditions Computing Science, School of
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Revealing the Mechanism for Covalent Inhibition of Glycoside Hydrolases by Carbasugars at an Atomic Level Chemistry, Department of
Palladin Compensates for the Arp2/3 Complex and Supports Actin Structures during Listeria Infections Biological Sciences, Department of
Rewiring UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre and Rural Peripheries: Imagined Community and Concrete Inequality From France’s Corsica to China’s Heyang Communication, School of
Photodegraded dissolved organic matter from peak freshet river discharge as a substrate for bacterial production in a lake-rich great Arctic delta Geography, Department of
Pappa2 Deletion Has Sex- and Age-Specific Effects on Bone in Mice Biological Sciences, Department of
Developing Archival Standards Simon Fraser University Archives and Records Management
On the Design of a DEA-Based Device to Potentially Assist Lower Leg Disorders: An Analytical and FEM Investigation Accounting for Nonlinearities of the Leg and Device Deformations Engineering Science, School of
Evaluating the Efficacy of an Active Compression Brace on Orthostatic Cardiovascular Responses Engineering Science, School of
Assuming Epistemic Authority, or Becoming a Thinking Thing Philosophy, Department of
Zebrafish as a Model of Mammalian Cardiac Function: Optically Mapping the Interplay of Temperature and Rate on Voltage and Calcium Dynamics Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, Department of