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Macro and Micro Plastics Sorb and Desorb Metals and Act As A Point Source of Trace Metals To Coastal Ecosystems Biological Sciences, Department of
Ancient DNA Analysis of Indigenous Rockfish Use On the Pacific Coast: Implications for Marine Conservation Areas and Fisheries Management Archaeology, Department of
A Maximum-Entropy Model for Predicting Chromatin Contacts Physics, Department of
Qualitative Analysis of the Dynamics of Policy Design and Implementation in Hospital Funding Reform Health Sciences, Faculty of
Chinook and shorthand rudiments : with which the Chinook jargon and the Wawa shorthand can be mastered without a teacher in a few hours / by the editor of the "Kamloops Wawa.". Indigenous Academia Resources
Radiocarbon Dating Uncertainty and the Reliability of the PEWMA Method of Time-Series Analysis for Research on Long-Term Human-Environment Interaction Archaeology, Department of
Values-Led Management: The Guidance of Place-Based Values in Environmental Relationships of the Past, Present, and Future Biological Sciences, Department of
Postfledging Survival and Local Recruitment of a Riparian Songbird in Habitat Influenced By Reservoir Operations Biological Sciences, Department of
Expanded Consumer Niche Widths May Signal an Early Response to Spatial Protection Resource and Environmental Management, School of
Social and Structural Factors Associated With Substance Use within the Support Network of Adults Living In Precarious Housing in A Socially Marginalized Neighborhood of Vancouver, Canada Mathematics, Department of
Measuring Sexual Relationship Power Equity among Young Women and Young Men South Africa: Implications for Gender-Transformative Programming Health Sciences, Faculty of
Impact of Once- Versus Twice-Daily Tacrolimus Dosing on Medication Adherence in Stable Renal Transplant Recipients: A Canadian Single-Center Randomized Controlled Trial Psychology, Department of
“¡Se Bota El Tanque!”: Housing, Infrastructure, and the Sounds of Water in Havana’s Domestic Spaces Communication, School of
Measuring Social-Ecological Resilience Reveals Opportunities for Transforming Environmental Governance Resource and Environmental Management, School of
The ‘Greening’ of Christian Monasticism and the Future of Monastic Landscapes in North America Environment, Faculty of
Resolving the Architecture and Early Evolution of a Forearc Basin (Georgia Basin, Canada) Using Detrital Zircon Earth Sciences, Department of
White Matter fMRI Activation Cannot Be Treated as a Nuisance Regressor: Overcoming a Historical Blind Spot Engineering Science, School of
Coxoh Data Set Archaeology, Department of
Plain Language to Minimize Cognitive Load: A Social Justice Health Sciences, Faculty of
Risk of Myocardial Infarction among People Living With HIV: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Health Sciences, Faculty of