Using technology for bed management in public hospitals - A strategic analysis and change management plan

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Faculty of Business Administration - Simon Fraser University

As healthcare organisations in New South Wales, Australia, are facing the increased demands of an aging population, new approaches to improving access to services are being sought. This project explores the potential of applying information technology to the management of beds in a large Sydney public hospital. More specifically, this project addresses the cultural and organizational aspects of hospital environments and factors them into a change management plan for implementing bed management technology proposed by New South Wales Health, the State governing body overseeing public hospitals. In the process, the strategic implications of the proposed technology implementation are considered and alternative suggestions employing more advanced information technology are made. This study, then, acts as a change management guide for information technology implementations in general in public hospitals and offers insight into healthcare service demand management strategies and how business methodology and technology might be factored into assisting in this challenge.

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Research Project (M.B.A.)
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