The management of drug expenditures at British Columbia correctional centres

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Total drug expenditures for BC Correctional Centres have increased significantly from 2002 to 2004. This rapid increase in drug expenditures was attributed to the increase in drug costs and utilization. BC Corrections' drug costs and utilization are affected by internal and external factors. Pharmacy seivices for the BC Correctional Centres are currently provided by the PDC Pharmacy. An analysis of initiatives undertaken by this Pharmacy is performed to assess the cost effectiveness of the current pharmacy services. In the analysis, drug costs and dispensing fees of the PDC Pharmacy are compared to those of local retail pharmacies from ten BC regions. This analysis indicates that the PDC Pharmacy provides cost effective pharmacy services and should continue to provide services for the BC Correctional Centres. In addition, improvements on current cost saving programs and the development of new programs to manage the rapidly rising BC Corrections' drug expenditures are suggested.

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