Satisfaction as a factor influencing retention rates of international students at SFU

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The study addresses a threefold research question: (1) What factors contribute most to the feeling of satisfaction with SFU; (2) What factors discriminate between students who are thinking of leaving and those who are not; (3) What is the relationship between students' satisfaction with SFU and their intention to drop out. A feedback survey of existing international students, analysed using qualitative and quantitative methods, reveals the following: international students are less likely to drop out of SFU if they are satisfied; if their expectations about SFU are met ('confirmation'); or if they come from one of the East Asian countries. Our core recommendations for SFU International include ways to: (1) proactively orient new international students to SFU's teaching and learning systems; (2) re-position itself as a welcoming place for international students, including improved physical facilities; (3) manage international students' perceptions of SFU, thus increasing their level of satisfaction.

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