Causes of anticipatory perceptions affecting readiness for change

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Anticipatory perceptions appear to be a hindrance in implementing a successful organizational change as they negatively impact the employees' attitudes and behaviours. A study took place at the Ridge Meadows Hospital (RMH), which intended to tap the nurses' concerns about the effects of the upcoming merger of the two Extended Care Units (ECU) on their personal and work experiences. The change initiative was assessed and the main issues were analyzed. Among other issues, problem of anticipatory perceptions clearly emerged out of their responses, which were generated through a series of random one-on-one interviews with the employees and a comprehensive survey. The causes of negative anticipatory perceptions are described in the hospital settings, compared with the professional literature, and implications of the problem for the organizations are discussed. Recommendations are proposed on how to minimize the effects of negative anticipatory perceptions on employees and ensure a successful merger.

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