We can: implementing a 100% renewable energy policy in BC

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What mix of generation would provide British Columbia with the optimum electricity system? Energy analysts have critiqued the 2007 BC Energy Plan; A Vision for Clean Energy Leadership in regard to its goal of aiming for a 90% renewable energy mix. By failing to full embrace renewable energy at 100%, this goal fails to obtain the maximum range of benefits to be accrued from the province’s electricity system. Beginning with a thorough analysis of the literature, and personal interviews, this project examines outside critiques of the Energy Plan by sources from the non-for-profit sector, private energy developers, and the government itself, in order to make the argument that a move towards 100% renewable electricity generation makes economic, final, and technical sense. This cost-benefit analysis will compare non-renewable with renewable sources of electricity in terms of how they fair in terms of costs, supply security, employment opportunities, creating innovation clusters, and impacting the environment.

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