Ecofeminist pedagogy: framework for ecosocial justice in education

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Critical pedagogy
Radical pedagogy
Ecofeminist pedagogy
Critical pedagogy
Ecofeminist pedagogy
Social justice
Environmental education
Anti-oppression pedagogy

Why have environmental education, critical pedagogy, and anti-oppressive education been unable to reach their goals of societal change? This thesis examines some of the shortcomings and oversights of these frameworks through an ecofeminist lens, and then offers ecofeminist pedagogy as an alternative framework for educators who want to see education become a more powerful source of social and ecological justice. Ecofeminism calls for ecosocial justice, which acknowledges the links between social injustice and environmental degradation. For educators to see social and ecological justice occur, they must link the two together instead of keeping them separate. This thesis includes an analysis of the Social Justice 12 course offered by the British Columbia Ministry of Education, and offers Ecosocial Justice 12 as an alternative.

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