An exploratory analysis of violence and threats against lawyers

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Society does not normally consider the practice of law a dangerous occupation, but an increasing number of lawyers are encountering violence and abuse in relation to their work. Thus, are lawyers becoming casualties of their profession? Accordingly, this thesis will summarize the results of an exploratory research project conducted in Vancouver, Canada on members of the Law Society of British Columbia, all of whom practice in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. A total of 5,539 lawyers were surveyed regarding work-related threats and violence, and 1,200 lawyers responded. In addition, twenty-five lawyers were also interviewed with regard to this topic. This thesis presents the results of the study and offers univariate and bivariate analyses of numerous factors, together with a review of twenty-five lawyers' personal insights and perspectives into this criminal phenomenon. As a result of the aforementioned analyses, specific issues and problems were identified.

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