Strategic analysis of Garfield Productions Ltd.

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This project presents an analysis of an emerging industry in Canada - Event Production. In particular, it explores the business model of Garfield Productions, a oneyear- old event production company. This company started with a small capital investment and has managed to break-even within the first year of operation. The management team has decided to reinvest the profit generated. This project provides a systematic study on industry trends and provides an analysis of how the company can effectively expand its business. This project starts by identifjring the emerging event production industry. It follows with an industry analysis to identify the key success factors. It suggests the strategic alternatives based on the key success factors and analyses them by an internal analysis of the company. The project concludes that Garfield Productions should open a wedding planning division in the short term. Once the company is firmly established in British Columbia, and upon building up enough capital and financial resources, the company should expand geographically to Hong Kong and become an international event production company.

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Research Project (M.B.A.)