Strategic Analysis for Best Coffee China

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Best Coffee Canada, a well-known coffee company founded in 1992, has been actively involved with international expansion. Best Coffee China (CCC), the master franchisee for Best Coffee in China, started building corporate stores in four major cities in early 2003. Since then, CCC is now experiencing aggressive expansion, which unavoidably requires strong resource management and effective corporate system development. However, CCC is lacking a centralized decision-making team. Furthermore, CCC finds it difficult to maintain a pool of well-trained managers. This also explains why CCC had to spend a higher cost on everything at the early stage. This graduation paper aims to examine the key successful factors for Best Coffee to thrive in China, and to provide the reasons that hinder Best Coffee's fast growth in China. By using Porter's five forces to analyse external and internal factors, this paper will provide several solutions to existing major problems for CCC.

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