Video game provisioning for the Indian telecommunications industry: Market analysis

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Faculty of Business Administration - Simon Fraser University

This strategic analysis examines market potential and strategic options for entry for a developer of computer games into the market for mobile telephone games in India. The issue is examined from the perspective of Radical Entertainment, a Vancouverbased computer game developer. As the video game industry braces for the market turbulence expected to result from the introduction of the next-generation console platform, Radical Entertainment Inc. has been compelled to reassess its current strategic position and consider possible market diversification. Analysis will illustrate Radical Entertainment's strategic position and extrapolate a market development strategy congruent with both its internal and external conditions. The analysis concludes with recommendations that Radical proceed with an Indian development exercise on the basis of a larger Asian development strategy and part of a wider R&D effort, proceeding into the cellular space, specifically, should a provisioning agreement with an Indian telecommunications organization include market access assurances and protection.

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Research Project (M.B.A.)
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