Forgotten waters: A zooarchaeological analysis of the Cove Cliff site (DhRr 18), Indian Arm, British Columbia

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The Gulf of Georgia is among the most comprehensively studied regions on the Northwest Coast. However, few archaeological studies focus on Late Phase sites (1 200 B.P.-250 B.P.) especially those in inlets; examinations of intra-site activity areas are also rare. I analyse the archaeofauna from Late Phase deposits inside and outside a small structure at the Cove Cliff site, Indian Arm, British Columbia. Those results are compared to published results from two other inlet sites and a site on the Fraser River Delta to explore how the inlet environment was utilised. I also test for intra-site spatial patterns that may signify activity areas. My findings suggest people took full advantage of their local environment but also had socio-economic relations with distant groups to procure certain resources. The spatial analyses identify three activity areas. These results begin to address some gaps in our understanding of Late Phase Gulf of Georgia prehistory.

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