March to May

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March to May is a photographic exploration of spatial and temporal dislocations evident in television coverage of the official Iraq War - March 2oth 2003, when the bombing of Baghdad commenced, to the May 1 St declaration of victory by George Bush. Sourced from a viewing of over two hundred hours of archived television footage, each photographic image manifests as a durational record of approximately five seconds of selected real-time video segments of the televisual event. The extended exposures lend themselves to visual abstraction and, by extension, to political obhscation - a purposehl disavowal whose intent is the denial of a place of purchase. This piece works within the interstitial of space and time. It lies between the real-space of war, with human bodies, machines and geography, and the dematerialization of those elements into the televisual spectacle - between the real-time of war and the hyperfluidity of satellite transmission.

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