Moving the GVRD forward: making the case for regional rail

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This research study makes the case for the development of a regional system of rail transit south of the Fraser River in the Greater Vancouver Regional District, based upon current policy debate and public opinion. The study establishes a case for regional rail transit based on the history of rail transportation planning in the GVRD, arguments of climate change, Peak Oil and fuel prices, traffic congestion and the Gateway Program and the urban rail debate, all of which are apparent in current policy discussions. The study also tests to determine how well this awareness corresponds with the public opinions collected in an online survey, targeted at GVRD residents who travel within the region. The results of this study were that, for the GVRD, a case is made for the development of a regional rail system, with support from both policy debate and public opinion.

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Urban Studies Program - Simon Fraser University
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Research Project (M.Urb.)