Using participation in voluntary organizations to improve the self-rated health of diabetics at Vancouver’s Mid-Main Community Health Centre

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This study examines why certain diabetic patients rate their health higher than that of others. Using original survey data from diabetic patients receiving treatment at Vancouver’s Mid-Main Community Health Centre, the study shows that almost 60 per cent of Mid-Main’s diabetic patients self-rate their health as Very Good or Good. Moving further, logistic regression analysis indicates that diabetic patients with higher self-rated health scores tend not to speak English at home, not to have mobility problems, not to require emergency room visits, but more frequently participate in voluntary organizations. Taking into account this information and Mid-Main’s capacity to directly influence those variables found to be significant, this study recommends Mid-Main can best improve self-rated health scores among its diabetics by having associated doctors advise their diabetic patients to participate in voluntary organizations during individual appointments.

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