Women's studies and the women's movement in Taiwan; and: Lesbianism in mainstream cinema

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Women's Studies and the Women's Movement in Taiwan examines the relationship between women's studies and the women's movement in Taiwan and explain why and how this relationship has shifted. Specifically, it explores the disconnections and the bridges between women's studies and the women's movement. Finally, it concludes with a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of connecting women's studies and the women's movement for both academia and activism. Keywords: Women's Studies, the Women's Movement, Taiwan Lesbianism in Mainstream Cinema analyzes how lesbianism has been depicted in mainstream cinema from the 1960s to the 2000s. It traces the historical development of lesbian films. It also analyzes the dynamic of lesbian representations, such as the elimination of explicitly lesbian sexuality in film versions of lesbian novels, the transformation of butch portrayals, the employment of happy, tragic or other endings, the power relationship between characters, and the lesbian subplot in mainstream cinema. Keywords: Lesbianism, Mainstream Cinema, Portrayal of Lesbian Representations, Lesbian themes in motion pictures

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