Climate change in BC: Implications for seniors - 20th Annual John K. Friesen Conference - Growing Old in a Changing Climate: Exploring the Interface Between Population Aging and Global Warming (2011)

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British Columbia
Chronic disease
Climate change
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Gerontology Research Centre
Global warming
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This video clip comprises the four presentations of Panel Session 4, “Preparing Aging Populations for Climate Change in British Columbia and Beyond” held at the 20th Annual John K. Friesen Conference, "Growing Old in a Changing Climate: Exploring the Interface Between Population Aging and Global Warming," MAY 25-26, 2011, Vancouver, BC. Dr. Aleck Ostry "Climate change in BC: Implications for seniors" - The purpose of this paper is to outline how climate change will likely affect seniors in BC. I first outline the changes in climate that are likely to occur in BC over the next several decades. This is followed by an elucidation of the main pathways between these likely changes in the environment and adverse impacts on the heath of seniors. While the limited current research on the this topic tends to focus on impacts of heat waves and air pollutants, concomitant to climate change, it is possible in BC, that community and economic de-stabilization and decreased food security attendant to climate change may be important determinants in the future for seniors’ health outcomes.


We also gratefully acknowledge a grant from the SFU Library's Scholarly Digitization Fund for videography and post-production editing.


See webpage for more information on the 20th Annual John K. Friesen Conference:


approx. 90 min. for entire Panel Session. Video displays using QuickTime (PLEASE NOTE: There is an approx. 30 second delay for the video to begin)

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