NuCare Band [cardiac bio-system monitoring]

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ENSC 440
Wearable health monitoring systems
Health Monitoring

Hospitals use conventional methods that require complicated and invasive methods to monitor patients' vital signs. The use of medical wearable devices has been increasing significantly as such devices have potential to be non-invasive and can transmit information  wirelessly. CardioTech's goal is to manufacture a non-invasive medical wearable device that monitors the user's vital signs, which includes the measurement of pulse rate, oxygen levels and blood pressure.

Currently, the main concern for hospitals and medical facilities are the patients' health condition after their leave from the hospital. With the integration of our hardware, software and electrical sections, NuCare Band allows medical professionals to have access to patients' vital signs wirelessly, using a cloud. With the information transmitted to the cloud, doctors are able to analyze their patients according to their needs and conditions. Also, this would reduce the amount of patients' visits to the hospital for diagnosis after their discharge.


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