Le discours des enseignants d'immersion française en Colombie-Britannique sur l'intégration des perspectives autochtones dans leur pratique

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Indigenous perspectives
Settler colonialism
French immersion
Teacher education

Integrating Indigenous perspectives in British Columbia is a requirement for teacher education programs as well as in the K-12 school programs. This doctoral research aims to study the successes and challenges of integrating Indigenous perspectives specifically for French immersion teachers in the K-12 programs. Very little research has focused on the integration of Indigenous perspectives in French immersion programs in Canada. In British Columbia, in particular, there has been no research on this topic. In this qualitative multiple case-study research, semi-structured interviews were conducted with six French immersion teachers. The theoretical framework informing this research is based on the following field of studies : White supremacy and privilege studies in the context of settler colonialism; antiracist education; curriculum studies and decolonization. For presenting this research, we chose a manuscript-based format thesis that includes three publications (Côté, 2019a, Côté, 2019b, Côté, submitted). First, the lack of research done in French is explored on two distinct levels: (1) decolonization, settler colonialism and White supremacy, and (2) the integration of Indigenous perspectives in the preservice teacher education program as well as in the K-12 school programs. Second, the similar challenges encountered by both French and English teachers are explored. Also, two challenges unique to the French immersion program are briefly presented.

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Diane Dagenais
Education: Faculty of Education
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(Thesis) Ed.D.