Urban Needle Locator Mark I

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Verifynd: Outdoor Asset Tracking Solutions
ENCS 405 D300
Syringe detectors
Syringe disposal
Radio-frequency Identification

The Urban Needle locator Mark I is a mapping and tracking system which detects syringes discarded in an environment and stores their unique-ID, GPS coordinates, and time-stamped data. Dirty needle refuse represents a modern problem and requires a modern solution. By using a combination of passive RFID tags, mobile antenna system and GPS sensors, the Mark I will produce a map of current needle refuse to be referenced by cleanup crews. Due to the immense scope of the problem (PHS mobile needle exchange estimates they retrieved 1.6 million used syringes in 2012 alone in Vancouver) - even small efficiency increases can produce large reductions in time spent on cleanup. For these reasons, it is critical that the Mark I is able to accurately locate syringes and produce reliable data that workers can use effectively. Additionally, as the Mark I is an engineered product operating in an urban environment, it is essential that it conforms to safety and engineering standards mandated by local governments. The following document quantitatively outlines all of the necessary requirements for the system to operate successfully in Canada.


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