DPL [Secure delivery parcel locker]

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Parcel Solutions Inc
ENSC 405 D300
Online shopping
Secure parcel drop box

In-store shopping is beginning to diminish as more shoppers are trending towards online shopping. DPL is a modern parcel locker that combines a website and a parcel locker to improve the online shopping experience. DPL provides a safe and secure locker that courier companies can place customer packages inside. The DPL consists of 2 components: a website and a parcel locker. The website will display UI and the frontend; however, the website will be controlled by the underlying server which will have its own components. Other than filling backend needs, the server will control the DBMS, DPL management, and a connection to the courier server for information retrieval. The parcel locker will consist of its own intuitive software controls along with an easy to use UI. The website and the parcel locker will seamlessly integrate with the firmware and hardware, resulting in a product that creates the most efficient and secure online shopping experience.


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