FooMinder Refrigerator Detector

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ENSC 405 D100
Refrigerator detector
Food storage
Food waste
Food sustainability
Mobile applications

Households tend to buy a lot of vegetables, fruits and meat at once and use the refrigerator as a place to store food for a long time. Fruits and vegetables stored in the refrigerator for a long time are likely to lose their nutritive value while at the same time, fruits and vegetables stored in the refrigerator are easily forgotten and start to deteriorate. If we can reduce such food waste, we are able to save money on buying groceries and moreover help accomplish the world’s sustainable goal.

FooMinder is designed to consist of a mobile application and a fridge detector. In this modern world, people rely on technology products, such as smartphones, for their daily needs. Apps installed on smartphones are a simple way to keep users engaged. We propose to use image processing to convert images to texts after users scan their receipts. This technique will allow us to generate the grocery lists and set up a reminder to alert users when certain items are going to soon go rotten. To properly store food and analyze data accurately, we have added a dedicated environmental detector to the home refrigerator. We believe this system will be an accurate and effective solution to the problem.

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