VALIS, a Vascular Acoustic Laser Imaging System

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Medical imaging techniques
Photoacoustic imaging (PAI)
Vascular imaging

VALIS is a photoacoustic imaging system specialized for imaging vasculature. Suitable for smaller scale research labs, the system consists of four major components:

1. The laser and optics for illuminating the region being imaged. 

2. The transducer for detecting any acoustic waves generated from the illuminated tissue after absorbing light produced by the laser and optical system.

3. The data acquisition unit for acquiring the data, performing any necessary pre-processing, and controlling the flow of data from the transducer to the image processing and reconstruction component. 

4. The software for converting the raw data from the transducer into usable images.

VivoLux aims to provide an affordable photoacoustic imaging system, specialized for imaging vasculature. VALIS will be a compact system with the transducer mounted on a handheld device, providing versatility in real time imaging. This allows users to image various areas of the subject in a single imaging session. This document will outline the requirements for designing VALIS, to be affordable and with real time imaging versatility. VALIS will bring photoacoustic imaging to the untouched market of researchers looking for a high quality affordable vascular imaging system


Abstract from Requirements Specifications document 

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