Institutional Systems & Structures for Knowledge Mobilization: Bringing Worlds Together to Support Knowledge Mobilization

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Battersby, L., Moore, A. J., Crooks, V., & Ritchie, K. (2020, November). Institutional systems & structures for knowledge mobilization:  Bringing worlds together to support knowledge mobilization. Catalyst roundtable presentation at the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2020 [online].

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Knowledge mobilization
Health care
Institutional structure
Institutional systems
Learning systems

In this roundtable, we explore developing structures for knowledge mobilization in two different institutional systems, a university and in health and social care. First, we will explore developing a knowledge mobilization hub at Simon Fraser University, exploring consideration for spaces, sources, and supports. We will discuss questions space in the context of remote working, of the future roles of institutional libraries, and how to assess the value and impact of knowledge mobilization supports. Next, will consider the delivery of safe, effective, person centred care and how a systems approach must be developed to maximise knowledge use. The structures, processes and culture change that are required to mobilize knowledge from research, experience and practice to develop into ‘learning systems’ will be explored.


Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2020 - November 25 2020

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Conference presentation
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